Through Custom Made Guitars – Part 1 – ONIBAMI-00

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I would like to discuss many things through the experience of ordering a guitar. In the first part, I will explain the specs of the guitar.

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In June of this year, I talked to High-end Music Mr. Hatta and asked him to order a guitar for me.

And it was completed last week. The quality is very high.
Since I’m going to be doing this, I’d like to discuss a number of things through this experience of ordering a guitar.



The image of a famous sword with wabi-sabi.

The concept is to create a simple, traditional form with a modern sound and high playability.

We aimed for a modern sound and high playability, while keeping the appearance simple and traditional form.

The name is ONIBAMI-00 (Onikui). It’s not a chuunibyou!

Multi-scale/fund frets


For the frets, I chose Jescar#57110 stainless steel in Ultra Jumbo.
They are similar to JimDunlop#6100.

We also chose a fund fret construction with a multi-scale of 633mm on the 6th string side to 624mm on the 1st string side.

This is the so-called PRS scale to medium scale (approximately).

Even with these shallow changes, it takes a little time to get used to them, but after an hour of playing, you will get used to them.

The fingerboard is ebony from an unknown source. The sap is the best accent on this guitar.

Also, the nut width is 40mm.

It also has a narrow neck with a 40mm nut width.

KOGIC LOGIC – Deep Joint with Special Structure


I have never seen this kind of joint before.

At first glance, it looks like a two-point joint, but it is actually a four-point joint.

The queen cut allows easy access to the 24th fret.

The unique “KOGIC LOGIC” finger joint-like construction is quite strong.

Finish of leaving conduit


Because this is a custom-made guitar, I was tempted to use rare woods for the flashy body, but since the concept of this guitar is wabi-sabi, I decided to choose the standard swamp ash and have it finished in a single color.

The body finish is lacquer.

The body finish is lacquer.

The body finish is lacquer.

The body finish is lacquer, and Mr. Hatta’s idea was to leave the conduits in the finish.

The body is chambered.

The body is chambered and scaled down to 94% of its normal size.

Conductive paint sealant


The pickups are SSS by SUHR ML and can be handled just like a Stratocaster.

The PU cover is a special version with ebony on the fingerboard (great).


Conductive paint sealant inside the cavity for complete noise protection.

The bridge is a Wilkinson.

The bridge is made of machined Wilkinson and is a multi-scale version.

Oni Logo

Imprint of High-End Music

The head has the “Oni logo” on it.

The pegs were chosen to be Gotoh locking ones.


The sound and playing comfort


With a downsized body, a slightly shorter multi-scale and a narrow neck, this information gives the impression of a very delicate and thin sound, but the finished guitar sounds quite thick and has a strong bottom end.

This guitar is very easy to play because of the high precision of the woodwork, but at the same time, it has a strange toughness to it.

In the next article


Well, this is all just self-satisfaction and boasting that pleases no one, so in my next article I’d like to discuss various things through orders.

Addendum: I wrote it. Here is the middle part.



Body Material 2P Swamp Ash on Swamp Ash
Body Style Chamber
Body Shape Drop Top 94% Size
Trad T
Body Finish Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer SHIKKOKU
Wabisabi Sealer


Neck Material Maple
Neck Finish Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish on Back of Neck
with Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Headstock Face
Neck Shape C Shape Nallow
Scale Lengths 633mm – 624mm
Tuning System Buzz Feiten Tuning System
Fingerboard Material Ebony(Sapwood)
Fingerboard Compound Radius 10-14″
Frets 24F Jescar #57110 Stainless
Joint Kogic Logic
Queen Cut
Nut Material Task
Nut Width 40mm
Position Inlays Large Abalone Dots
Truss Rod 2-Way Adjustable
Truss Rod Nut Heel-Mounted Spoke Wheel Adjustment


Bridge Pickup SUHR ML Bridge
Middle Pickup SUHR ML Middle
Neck Pickup SUHR ML Neck
Controls Master Volume,Tone
Switching 5-Position Blade:
1. Bridge Pickup
2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
3. Middle Pickup
4. Middle and Neck Pickup
5. Neck Pickup
Configuration Noiseless Shield


Bridge GOTOH Wilkinson VS100N
Tuning Machines GOTOH SG381-MGT-AB07-L6-C
Pickguard 1-Ply Tortoiseshell
Control Knobs Wood nob
Switch Tip Parchment