【I wuv moo / Dexter’s Tune】I posted a video.

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For this project, I used a Neumann U89i microphone.

I used a Neumann U89i for the mic in this project. This mic is much easier to lift around 5KHz than an SM57 or similar mic when used in a guitar cabinet, and it gives a sparkling impression.

I also adjusted the sound pressure (loudness) to the Youtube standard.

I also adjusted the so-called sound pressure (loudness) to Youtube standards.

I set the overall LUFS to about -13db and the True Peak to -1.0db.
It’s a good thing that the player can turn up the volume even if the sound pressure is low, and it’s also more important to do a proper mix.

The latter half of “Dexter’s Tune” is an insert (piano) from the movie “Leonard’s Morning”.
The scene where this song plays will make your eyes runny no matter how many times you watch it.
It’s a warm movie and I recommend it.